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Welcome to Greencare Lawn Care Services. It is our aim to give a total lawn creation and garden maintenance services suited your lawns needs.

We have over 30 years experience in Golf Course management, Bowling Green construction and green maintenance, artificial lawn and putting green construction, Golf Course construction, lawn turfing and drainage. We feel that we can give our customers the very best service and value in these fields.

Greencare  offers you 3 types  of primary lawn care services, from our Bronze treatment program, to our top of the range Gold treatment service. Our range of  services cover everything from applying fertilisers, weed control, moss control, scarifying and aeration. We even offer a total re-turfing service which is used as a last resort.

We have a free lawn analysis service in which we will determine the best way to approach your lawn renovation. We also offer a pay as you go system or a direct debit facility.

Below is an outline of our garden services:

Silver Service
Bronze Service
Gold service
3 treatments 5 treatments 5 treatments
Spring, summer, autumn Spring, early summer, late summer, autumn, winter Spring, early summer, late summer, autumn, winter
Pay-as-you-go Granular fertiliser, moss control, weedkiller Granular fertiliser, moss control, weedkiller
  Direct debit plan Pay-as-you-go
  Provisioned by an ex-Golf Course manager Provisioned by an ex-Golf Course manager
  Scarifying, aeration & overseeding Scarifying, aeration & overseeding
  Complete annual programme Complete annual programme
    Soil conditioning, disease control & overseeding
    Monthly visits + much more...
More details... More details... More details...

Bronze lawn treatment

All Treatments are based on a minimum of 100 sqr mtrs

With our Bronze Service we offer 3 Treatments Spring Feed, Summer Feed, Autumn Feed. These can be paid for on a pay as you go basis.

  1. First Treatment (March May)
    This involves spreading our mini granular fertiliser, killing moss and encouraging strong growth, giving your lawn a lush green look for spring.
  2. Second Treatment (June - July)
    A granular fertiliser will be applied to replace the nutrients lost from regular cutting, this will develop a strong and healthy grass sward. A selective weed killer will be in the fertiliser also.
  3. Third Treatment (Sept/October)
    Autumn feed applied . This is a very important feed as it's at this time of year your lawn may suffer moss over the long winter months.

For more information or to request a FREE Survey call 01475675591

Complete lawn renovation service

Re-turfing a lawn

This service is totally unique in the lawn care business. What we offer at Greencare Lawn Services is a complete new lawn for those people out there that have been left a complete mess of a lawn ie heavy clay soil with every thing including the kitchen sink underneath the lawn. This service is going to give you a lawn with a similar spec to a golf or bowling green. This is a more expensive option and is only for people that want the best lawn available on the market.

This is what Greencare Garden Maintenance can do for you:

  1. Remove the old lawn and soil to a depth of 250mm
  2. Dig in a Drainage System with a 2 inch gravel base
  3. Put back in a fully lab tested rootzone of 8 inches
  4. Fertilise with a pre turfing Fertiliser
  5. Turf with the best quality Golf Course Turf

This will give you the best lawn in the area bar none.

Our other services for those lawns that need an overhaul include:

  1. Surveyor visit to look at site and recommend which type of grass to use
  2. New lawn area prepared by either lifting old lawn with turf cutter or rotavating the bare soil (some areas may need weed killer applied two weeks before work starts to make ground workable.)
  3. Lawn area raked out and leveled and compacted down to get rid of air pockets
  4. Apply pre lawn fertiliser
  5. Turf lawn with top quality turf

For more information or to request a FREE Survey call 01475675591

Artificial Lawn Service

Artifical lawn service

Some areas may be totally unsuitable to grass lawns as the ground may be very wet and totally shaded out by buildings.

It may also be that some people are so busy that they can not cut their lawn or the dog is doing to much damage then artificial grass may be a viable alternative to grass as it is fantastic for children and pets. In a world where time matters this could be your answer. At Greencare Lawn Services we have installed many artificial lawns and can now say they are almost exactly like grass they now come in a variety of lengths to suit any taste. Our process involves a surveyor visit to check area out and let you see the different types of artificial lawn, and provide you with a competitive quote.

Our artifical lawn process is:

  1. Area dug out to a depth of 6inch approx
  2. 4 inch hard core down
  3. 2 inch sand
  4. Goetex membrane to stop weeds
  5. New artificial turf put down
  6. Sand applied if needed some variety's now come with thicker backs and do not need sand

For more information or to request a FREE Survey call 01475675591

Artificial putting greens & golf holes in your garden

Putting green example

If you are a keen golfer we have a service were we can give you a fantastic artificial putting green or a real golf hole with bunkers. As we have 30 years service in this area we believe we offer the most competitive and professional service. Give us a call and we will send out a surveyor with samples and we will offer you a highly competitive quote.

For more information or to request a FREE Survey call 01475675591

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